HAIR>> MINA - Carlijn - Ombres pastel

SWEATER>> {joli} The Savvy Sweatshirt   @SUICIDE DOLLZ

RINGS>> The Horror!~ Suckerpunch Rings @SUICIDE DOLLZ

BAG>> Candy Crunchers - Loopy Deer Bag @SUICIDE DOLLZ

BELT>> .DirtyStories. Hard Bitch Belt @SUICIDE DOLLZ

LEGGING>> {joli} Silver Ombre Leggings @SUICIDE DOLLZ

SNEAKERS>> EMPORIUM - Platform Sneaker #1

HAIR>> ~Tableau Vivant~ Springflower Hair - Fall 

EYELINER>> .Birdy. {Liner} 2

LIPSTICK>> [THD] Sexy lipgloss - Hot Pink

OUTFIT>> [ Infliction ] Touch Outfit 

HEELS>> [ Infliction ] Shortcake Heels  

PUPPY>> Alchemy/Birdy - Chi Chi Chihuahua - Bow - Tan

HEADBAND>>!RT {1}:.:Deer.Tiara:.:Baby.Pink:.

HAIR>> [KoKoLoReS] Hair - Felicia ---> Cirque de Seraphim

FACE TATTOO>> Nana - Miku facepaint

NECKLACE>> POMPOSITY - Unicorn Necklace

TOP>> Suicide Gurls - Muse Top

VEST>> ~coepio~ sexy Shoulder Jacket   

BELLY CHAIN>> POMPOSITY - Box Link Belly Chain

LEGGING>> Suicide Gurls - Wanda Leggings

KITTIES>> .Birdy. Sushi Kitties - Double Kitty Roll - RARE

HAIR>> pr!tty - Penelope - .Color Hud Reds.

EYE PATCH>> .DirtyStories. FairyTale Monocle

EYESHADOW>> [THD] Saintly Shadow v6

OUTFIT>> [ Infliction ] Moxie Minnie - Blue  

WAND>> .:Pinku*Pantsu:.<3Magic pixel heart Wand

LEG TATTOO>> . inhale . Bug's life Blogger Pack {rez}

HEELS>> ~coepio~ Sandy Shoes ~with Hud~

HAIR>> ""D!va"" Hair "Nicole" (Brown diamond)

MASK>> ::Axix:: Ghuldan Mask ---> *TFG*

LIPSTICK>>  {Dead Apples} Glam Glosses Sangria Gloss

NECK BLOOD>> Izzie's - Halloween Gift

JEWELERY SET>> [ glow ] studio Pratis Set - silver

HAND CUFFS>> ::Axix:: Ghuldan ArsmGuard [Blood] ---> *TFG*

DRESS>> SHEY - Sarah Opened Gown v2

SHAPE>> ::twodelta::lolita  shape


EYES>> ::NM:: Supernatural Eyes (Stellar Blue)

HAIR>> [Due] Natasha - Vitamin pack

OUTFIT>> Outfit Yoko#I_RD Style ---> OMG ROOM

POSE>>{Imeka} Nyla - Pose Pack

HAIR>> (r)M Hair No.26'14,

TOP>> NS::  Mesh Skeleton Sweater

HANDS TATTOO>> :Moon Amore: Freak Show Hand Tattoo ---> COSMETIC FAIR

LEGGING>> Suicide Gurls - Wanda Leggings  

HEELS>> [ Infliction ] Moxie Pumps 

HAIR>> [^.^Ayashi^.^] Little Red Riding Hood hair 

LIPSTICK>> [KoKoLoReS]BP - Bewitched - hot red

OUTFIT>> [ Infliction ] Rosethorn Dress - Red  

POSE>> ::Axix:: LadyCrow.

HAIR>> ""D!va"" Hair "Nicole" (Brown diamond) @COLLAB88

MOON TATTOO>> ::LustRage:: Yue Moons

EYELINER>> .ARISE. Liquid Eyeliner

LIPSTICK>> [THD] Sexy lipgloss - Pure Burgundy

FOX>> .Birdy. Foxy Neck snuggler {Berry}

OUTFIT>> Outfit Akira #I_RD Style

EYES>> ::NM:: Supernatural Eyes  ---> SUICIDE DOLLZ

HAIR>> Miss C. - Lexie/Brown

HEADBAND>> [The Forge] Celtic Headband,  


TOP>> {joli} The Impossible Top ---> SUICIDE DOLLZ

TATTOO>> [linked] Gift: BabyGirl Tattoo  

HANDS TATTOO>> :Moon Amore: Freak Show Hand Tattoo ---> Comestic Fair

LEGGINGS>> Suicide Gurls - Wanda Leggings

CLUTCH>> .:Glow Designs:. Book Bag Swan ---> Own Nature 

HEELS>> .:Glow Designs:. Chained Pumps Vampire --->.:: Designer Circle

HAIR>>  little bones. Feline - FULL GIFT

LIPSTICK>> NOX. Greyscale Lips [55]


TOP>> [ Infliction ] Chain Tank - Rust 

RING>> #FF The Coven Collection: Onyx Ring

PHONE>> ::TD:: Polish Phone Red

JEANS>> SHEY - Libre Jeans

HEELS>> SHEY - Cindera Booties [SLINK]

HAIR>> [KoKoLoReS] Hair - River  @SUICIDE DOLLZ

HEADPIECE>> :(SH): Facechain Classico - Ilsole - Black

LIPSTICK>> NOX. Greyscale Lips [10]

COLLAR>> ::Axix:: Marimba Collar : Lion [Old Silver]

DRESS>> ::drbc:: death maiden - noir @SUICIDE DOLLZ

HAND TATTOO>> :Moon Amore: Elephant Hand Tattoo @COSMETICS FAIR

HEELS>> :: Miss Canning :: [Valeria Heels Slink Feet High Only ] 14 CLS

HAIR>> [^.^Ayashi^.^] Mayou hair ---> TUVE

LIPSTICK>> [THD] Sexy lipgloss - Royal Blue

OUTFIT>> Outfit Suellen #I_RD Style 

BAG>> NS::  Duffle bag  (Classic 1) ---> GACHA MANIA

POSES>> {Imeka} Nyla - Pose Pack

HAIR>> [KoKoLoReS] Hair -The Witching Hour  

EYE PATCH>> .DirtyStories. FairyTale Monocle @SUICIDE DOLLZ

LIPSTICK>> [KoKoLoReS]BP - Bewitched - chocolate 

TATTOO>> Speakeasy :: Stay Gold Tattoo (unisex) @SUICIDE DOLLZ

OUTFIT>> Outfit Tatiana_RD Style

HEELS>> :: Miss Canning ::  [Claudia Heels Slink Feet High Only] 10 CLS

SKIN>> Essences - Ingrid TDRF01 {medium01} @DRESSING ROOM

HAIR>> +Spellbound+ Boo! //   @KUSTOM9    

TOP>> Suicide Gurls - Auric Jacket  

PANTS>> NS::  Monster Pants @THF

BOOTS>> -Pixicat- Autumn.Boots @KUSTOM9  

POSE>> {Imeka} Nyla - Pose Pack

HORNS>> Suicide Gurls - Tabitha Horns ---> Creepy Gacha 

HAIR>> MOON{Hair}. Panic Switch GG

LIPSTICK>> [THD] Sexy lipgloss - Black

EYES>> .ARISE. Disaster Eyes 

BLOODY MOUTH>> ::TI::Cannibal Mouth+Chest Tattoo_ 

BLOOD DRIPPING>> Izzie's - Halloween Gift

OUTFIT>> [ Infliction ] Dragonling  

HAIR>> .ploom. Verity - Browns

GLASSES>> NS::  Retro Sunglasses ---> Dollarbie ---> FSF


DRESS>> NS::  Mesh Dress 60`s (HUD)  ---> FSF

CASE>> [ Infliction ] Beauty Queen Case

HEELS>> :: Miss Canning ::  [Claudia Heels Slink Feet High Only] 10 CLS

POSE>>  {Imeka} Nyla - Pose Pack --->KUSTOM9

HEADBAND>> *GF* Halloween Bat Ribbon FREE

HAIR>> [^.^Ayashi^.^] Lola hair @KAWAII VS CREEPY GACHA FAIR

GLASSES>> <:*BoOgErS*:> Trunk or Treat @Future Home of Bonobo FREE

SWEATER>> Moon Amore - Luu in the sky Cardi @The Gacha Mania

CANDLE>>*MishMish* Candlelish Holder  @Future Home of Bonobo FREE

SHORT>> [ Infliction ] Hose Shorts

POSE>> {Imeka} Nyla - Pose Pack @:: KUSTOM9

SKIN>> Pink Acid TDR Special Skin - Joy + All Appliers - Ivory

LIPSTICK>> {Dead Apples} Glam Glosses

HAIR>> !lamb. Long Snake Moan (Mesh) - Grayscale Pack

OUTFIT>> Outfit Lucilly #II_RD Style 1

TV>> [:: JesyDream ::] Kawaii TV Blue

DOG>> [Manticore] Luna v3

POSE>> ::Axix:: Venus 

SKIN>> Essences - Ingrid TDRF01 {medium01} @DRESSING ROOM

HAIR>> MINA - Carlijn - Ombres pastel  @DRESSING ROOM


LIPSTICK>> [THD] Sexy Lipgloss 

OUTFIT>> Outfit Alice #II_RD Style @Bloody Horror Fair

HAIR>> [^.^Ayashi^.^] Little witch hair

EYELINER>> {PopTart} Rough Night Liner (Sad Clown)

LIPSTICK>> Pink Acid Summer Brights Lipstick 

DRESS>> Suicide Gurls - Sapienti Dress - @The Beauty Pageant

HEELS>> ::drbc:: succubus stilettos - crimson

DOLL>> Mystery Toy Alice - Bloody Shoulder - ULTRA-RARE @Kawaii Vs Creepy Gacha

HAIR>> Miss C. - Lexie/Brown  @fi*friday

GLASSES>> .ARISE. Steampunk Glasses 

LIPSTICK>> Pink Acid Candy Girl Lipstick - Light Pink

NECKLACE>> POMPOSITY - Bling Short Necklace

DRESS AND FLATS>> Outfit Katty #I_RD Style

BAG>> .Renegade. A-Track Messenger Bag - White

POSE>> {NEW} LITTLE BEAN . valley girl pose pack

HAIR>> Suicide Gurls - Zendaya hair-  

EYELINER>> ::TD::eyeliner blue2

LIPSTICK>> .::WoW Skins::. Faith Tan Purple lips tattoo

DRESS>> SHEY - Marian Chained Dress

BRACELETS>> ReVeRie - SeLKieS Bangles "Black"

CLUTCH>> -FAUN- Crossbodied Satchel -White- 

HEELS>> :: Miss Canning :: [ Monica Heels Slink Feet High Only ] 

POSE>> Verocity - Emily Pose Set

HAIR>> [^.^Ayashi^.^] Alma hair @BOHO CULTURE

NECKLACE>> [ glow ] studio Iam the One set 

BRACELET>> ..:: Bens Beauty ::.. Hoop Mesh Bracelets

DRESS>> [:: JesyDream ::] Boho Dress @BOHO CULTURE

FLATS>> {Mango Cheeks} Melu Sandals: Lilac (TCF gift)

POSES>> Verocity - Emily Pose Set @SUICIDE DOLLZ

HORNS>> .ARISE. Wild Horns / Sand_Black @TALES OF FANTASY

HAIR>> [^.^Ayashi^.^] Michi hair exclusive @The Body Modification

NOSE PIERCING>> .ARISE. Calla Septum  

NECKLACE>> .HW. Selene - Pentagram Dermal Chains - @SUICIDE DOLLZ



SKIRT>>   Suicide Gurls - Haizea Skirt @Boho Culture

FEET CHAIN>> Suicide Gurls - Lyra Slink Chain

SKIN>> Pink Acid Mixer Skin 02 Special Edition @fi*friday

FLOWERS>> .DirtyStories. Rose Headband with Skull

HAIR>> Alice Project - Aphrodite - Mini Medley

LIPSTICK>> [THD] Sexy lipgloss - Hot Pink

NECKLACE>> {Scene} Repent - Black - Necklace @suicide dollz

SHIRT>> HEARTISIC My Boy Friend Kisses better then yours @suicide dollz


LEGGINGS>> [ Infliction ] Lazy Leggings 

SKIN>> [THD] Diva Skin 

HEADPHONES>> .:Standby Inc. - Retro Headphones 

HAIR>> [e] Fight - Essentials

OUTFIT>> [ Infliction ] Ares Outfit

ROLLERS>> CS Design - Roller Skates M01 Pink

HAIR>> (r)M Hair No.27'14,

OUTFIT>> Outfit Raquel_RD Style

POSE>> little bean . boobies

HAIR>> +Spellbound+ Suspiria

EYESHADOW>> MONS / Makeups - Eyeshadow DarkHorse

NECKLACE>> [ glow ] studio Pratis NECKLACE

OUTFIT>> Outfit Ema_RD Style

POSE>> Label Motion - NYG gift

HAIR>> .ploom. Faye - Candy

GLASSES>> .ARISE. Steampunk Glasses   

SHIRT>> [THD] Crop T-Shirts @The Showroom

WAIST TATTOO>>  Suicide Gurls - Belly Boho Tattoo GIFT @BOHO CULTURE

JEANS>> NS::  Mesh Jeans Unbutton (HUD)

HEELS>> [THD] Work Pumps

BAG>> NS::  Duffle bag  (Classic 1) @THE GACHA MANIA

PANDA HEAD>> :BB: Panda [Head]

HAIR>> Suicide Gurls - Dahlia Hair @Boho Culture

SHIRT>> :Moon Amore: Simple Shirt (Kuki Edition) @CANDY FAIR

ROMPER>> :Moon Amore: Kuki Romper @CANDY FAIR

CUP>> ::Axix:: Sugar Bear In A Cup Panda @CANDY FAIR

CHAIN FEET>>  Suicide Gurls - Boheme Slink Accessory @Boho Culture

HAIR>> Magika [03] Many


NECKLACE>> [Iruco] gacha / bow tie necklace 

RING>> POMPOSITY - Missy Gemstone Ring

DRESS>> [AB] Malefique Dress Black @SUICIDE DOLLZ

HEELS>>  {Scene} Iridan Heels @SUICIDE DOLLZ

SKIN>> Essences - Ingrid TDRF01 {pale01}

HAIR>> Miss C. / Amber  

EYELINER>> [THD] Bold Liner   

LIPSTICK>> Nox. Matte Lip [Red]

COLLAR>> #FF Coven Collection: Isis Collar @SUICIDE DOLLZ


HAIR>> Suicide Gurls - Zendaya hair- 



COLLAR>> POMPOSITY - Missy Gemstone Velvet Choker

BRACELETS>> POMPOSITY - Missy Gemstone Velvet Choker

TOP>> .ARISE. Zipp Top / Black

BELT>> ~coepio~ Belt ~with HUD~  @XY

SKIRT>> [:: JesyDream ::] Black Mini Skirt

CHAIN FEET>> [ Infliction ] Judas Ankle Chain

MASK>> ::Axix:: WhereYouComeFrom Mask [Natural] Snow @*  Fantasy Room *

COLLAR>> #FF The Coven Collection: Coven Collar

DRESS>> {PopTart} K&Q Blogger Bundle  

BRACELETS>> POMPOSITY - Gemstone Studded Bangle  

SOCKS>> :FY: Toeless Socks (pack 01)

HEELS>> [L.Warwick] Callisto -Slingback Platform Heels- Noir Leather


HAIR>> .ploom. Pea V2 - Browns

OUTFIT>> Outfit Sharoon #II RD Style

HAIR>> [KoKoLoReS] Hair - Erin - 

EYELINER>> [THD] Bold Liner

LIPSTICK>> Pink Acid Summer Brights Lipstick  


TATTOO>> . inhale . Suicide Dolly  

TOP>> ~coepio~ sexy Bustier   

PANTS>> .ARISE. Opened Skinny   

HEELS>> SHEy - Sabriha Heels [SLINK] High

POSE>> ::Axix:: Modette @SUICIDE DOLLZ 


HEADBAND>> .flipmode. liberty headband - colors7 @SUICIDE DOLLZ 

HAIR>> [MAG] IMOGEN [essentials]

EYESHADOW>> [THD] Saintly Shadows  

LIPSTICK>> Nox. Matte Lips

COLLAR>> #FF The Coven Collection: Coven Collar @SUICIDE DOLLZ 


RINGS>> #FF The Coven Collection: Pentagram Ring @SUICIDE DOLLZ 

TATTOO>> . inhale . Besties #1  @SUICIDE DOLLZ 

TOP>> Suicide Gurls - Ignis Top

SKIRT>> Suicide Gurls - Tempestat Skirt

HEELS>> Suicide Gurls - Mysterious Heels - Nolwenn

POSE>> *[Pipit]* Artemisia -


HEADBAND>> .DirtyStories. Rose Headband with Skull  

HAIR>> *Soonsiki~ Moxi Hair *Blacks*

LIPSTICK>> .::Shy Girls::. Group Gift!

DRESS>> Outfit Doroty #II RD Style

BAG>> Suicide Gurls - Loly Bag - Dark Couple Rare

HEELS>> ~coepio~ Diamond High Heels- 

POSE>> ::Axix:: Modette @SUICIDE DOLLZ 

SKIN>>  Essences {Tila TDRF01} pale01 @DRESSING FUSION

HAIR>> (r)M Hair No.21'14,  

EYELINER>> .Birdy. VIP {Eyeliner} Pack of 10 <3

LIPSTICK>> Nox. Matte Lips  

TOP>> :Moon Amore: Lisa Shirt  

SKIRT>> [ Infliction ] Skater Skirt - Jersey

RINGS>> POMPOSITY - Missy Gemstone Ring  @ Jewelry Fair

POSE>>  !RT:.:Group Gift:.Holding Hands Pose for Two


HAIR>> (r)M Hair No.20'14,  

OUTFIT>> Outfit Milena (Blue) RD Style

BRACELETS>> ..:: Bens Beauty ::.. Hoop Mesh Bracelets


HAIR>> Magika // Brown Pack // Porcelain

OUTFIT>> Outfit Penny #II_RD Style

HAIR>> ..4u.Hair ~ Sherry ~ with Hud  

OUTFIT>> Outfit Bianca #I RD Style


HAIR>> [LoQ'ue] Absolut  @Dressing room

EYESHADOW>> [THD] Saintly Shadows  

LIPSTICK>> {D.A} Glosses Pack 2 oRANGINA Gloss

OUTFIT>> Outfit Patricia (Brown) RD Style


HAIR>> [Kokolores] Hair Mia  @FI*FRIDAY

HAIR BONES>> {Amai} Bone Decora. 

GLASSES>> NS::   8 Bits Sunglasse @Bimbetta

LIPSTICK>> [La Baguette] Pink lip gloss gift

NECKLACE>> Bokeh - Rock On Necklace  

BODY TATTOO>> DAPPA - Yantra Tattoo. @Suicide Dollz

TOP>> NS::  Leopard Crop Top and Bra mesh (animal Print)

SHORT>> .ARISE. High Waists 

WOUNDS>> {PopTart} Knee Wounds @Suicide Dollz  

HEELS>> ~coepio~ Diamond High Heels- 


CROWN>> .DirtyStories. Rose Headband with Skull - Pink @SUICIDE DOLLZ

HAIR>> [^.^Ayashi^.^] Nariko hair @The Black Dot Project  

ROMPER>> NS::  Ikat Romper Jeans (Pink)

SNEAKERS>> Sneakers w/Sock Cute Plain_RD Style

PET>> {PopTart} Royal Sheepies (Princess Baashful RARE @the kings and queens fair